Cruiser Holiday in Sitges


A Cruiser, especially a large one, can represent the most luxurious and spacious boating option. When taking to the seas.

Compared to a Yacht, which can be more close quarters (ok… cramped). Especially if a small classic, older, type.

They range in sizes suitable for small or large parties, groups & some for a few couples. Especially smaller ones which are often older with a quirky historic feel.

Sitges Marina at Port De Sitges ( is a great place to stay

A location with a wide range of Restaurants, Nightlife & a couple of Hotels ( shows most).

Many boat owners have access to the private shower/washrooms, up & above those possibly on board. Especially the bigger boats.

Additionally, the boat may offer charter, to leave the marina, to explore the local Mediterranean coast & learn some skills.

Other overnight stays can be part of a recognised and structured course spanning a day or more.

Sitges is a wonderful, unforgettable Mediterranean resort with a wide range of Restaurants, Nightlife

Plus many Hotels ( shows most).
Or Villas (Town Villas or Rural Villas).

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